January 17, 2017
"I have known of the principals of Spectrum Planning for almost 20 years. They are always one of the design firms that I ask for bids on any project I do. I have found them to always be competitive in pricing and I know that I will get the product I need in the time agreed upon."
Mark Geiger
Cox Communications, Inc.
Senior Manager, HFC Design & Application Support
Spectrum Planning, Inc. was founded in 1998 as a new engineering and mapping business from years of experience. In 1984, after working for the local cable operator, I began a mapping and design business called Design Extender.
Design Extender enjoyed a hard earned success with the mapping and design business serving over twenty companies for ten years.
In 1994, Design Extender was merged into Brooks Fiber Properties, an upcoming fiber based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier, in order to offer our services to a wider audience. The combination created rapid growth and acquired new customers as well as a new business of engineering consulting. After going public in 1997, Brooks Fiber Properties was purchased by WorldCom, in 1998. It was then that I decided to start another new design company, due to the increasing demand for new services and the opportunity to once again offer personal service.
I always felt that it was the "look and feel" of our design maps that let us succeed over the years and now more than ever, we are "dancing with the one that brought us."
Our client list today includes companies like Dycom, Mastec, LightTower, Crown Castle, CableOne, Charter Communications, as well as various smaller MSO's. In the summer of 2011, we moved into our new facility we designed to accommodate our new growth thanks to our clients demand.
Please look over this information and feel free to call us anytime for a fast and friendly quote, or just free advice, on your upcoming mapping and design projects.
I wish you well.
Chris Kramer
The Mind is Much Like the Heart--It Goes Where it is Welcome...

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Ron and Ryan laying out maps for fiber overlay.